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    The mountain of Montserrat is a symbol of Catalan culture. Among its peculiar forms hide legends and mysteries that have endured for centuries, making the mountain a mystical place.
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  • Costa Brava

    Costa Brava

    In less than 100km from Barcelona begins one of the most important and attractive tourist brands in Spain, the Costa Brava.
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  • Virreina Palace

    Virreina Palace

    At the end of the 18th century, a majestic building was incorporated into Las Ramblas, the palace of the Virreina, a building that, beyond its outstanding Baroque architecture, hides the sad story of a woman, Mª Francesca  Fillever i de Bru, by whom You will know this building as Palacio de la Virreina.
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  • The Magic Fountain

    The Magic Fountain

    The Magic Fountain was built by Carles Buigas for the International Expo in 1929, on the site where Josep Puig i Cadafalch's Four Columns had stood before being demolished in 1928. They were later rebuilt in 2010, only a few metres from their original location.
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  • Feria de Abril

    Feria de Abril

    These days in Barcelona is celebrating the “Feria de Abril”, a popular festival of Andalusian tradition that is celebrated annually, for 10 days, in a fairground of the metropolitan area of ​​the city.
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  • Sant Jordi´s Day

    Sant Jordi´s Day

    St. George's day (23 April), is celebrated in different regions of Spain, mainly in those that formed part of the Crown of Aragon. The reason is to be found in the King Pedro I invoked the Holy Spirit to receive His protection and aid in the Battle of Alcoraz (1096) thus became the patron saint of the Crown since then. Towns and cities in Catalonia dress in their finery and celebrate one of the most important days of Catalan culture and tradition.

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  • Wine Tourism in Catalonia

    Wine Tourism in Catalonia

    Wine route in Catalonia through the Penedès regions: The 35km Wine Road connecting 13 wineries from Alto Penedès to Garraf ending in Sitges.
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  • Licensed Guides Barcelona

    Licensed Guides Barcelona

    If you want to make any of the touristic circuits of Barcelona you can hire a tour guide with license or without a license. The rate of an official guide of Barcelona is not higher than that of an unofficial tourist guide and among the advantages of the official guides of Barcelona it is necessary to emphasize that they are the only ones that can act inside the museums and monuments as for example the Sagrada Familia
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  • Casa Vicens

    Casa Vicens

    Among the streets of the popular neighborhood of Grácia  the Casa Vicens, which since the end of 2017 is open to the public, offer us  the opportunity to learn about Gaudí's first important work in Barcelona.

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  • La Mona

    La Mona

    These  cakes are known as "La Mona" and have been part of Catalan culture for several centuries, being documented since the 15th century.
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  • 10 reasons why you should visit Barcelona

    10 reasons why you should visit Barcelona

    Here we review 10 of the many reasons why you should come to Barcelona
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  • The three kings parade

    The three kings parade

    La Cabalgada de Reyes or the Three Kings Parade is without doubt the most important Christmas parade in Spain and the three wise men, (Balthasr, Caspar, Melchior) are by far more popular than Santa Claus.
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