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The mountain of Montserrat is a symbol of Catalan culture. Among its peculiar forms hide legends and mysteries that have endured for centuries, making the mountain a mystical place.

The Monastery of Montserrat was founded in the year 1,025 in a place of magic so special that it is almost impossible that it does not capture all your attention. On the one hand we have the Plateresque style building, full of interesting sculptures, a large square with impressive views and an exceptional basilica nave loaded with decorative and ornamental elements, a delight for lovers of architecture. In addition, its exceptional library stands out, with more than 250,000 volumes.

On the other hand, the geomorphological characteristics of its seductive and abrupt environment. Invisible and capricious natural sculptures are those that make this landscape, caused by erosion, tectonic movements and the multitude of sediments that were deposited throughout the year, this entire area was occupied by the delta of a river more than 50 million years.

The monastery of Montserrat has become a religious reference that gathers thousands of pilgrims every year. And it is not surprising, since it was found in a small cave the black virgin, known as "La Moreneta", Montserrat has always been linked to spirituality.

Such a place could not be free of legends and mysteries. For example, it is said that the shock and suffering that originated after the death of Jesus was such that this great mountain emerged from the subsoil as a sign of protest, or perhaps of sadness.

In the highest part of Montserrat, known as the Cavall Bernat, it is said that the same evil appeared to a woodcutter. The devil lent him a strong horse (called Bernat, effectively) in order to help in the tasks of the field. In return, the devil only asked him to receive a horse with the same qualities as Bernat after ten years.

After that time, the devil returned to collect his debt. The woman of the woodcutter realized the situation and quickly began to pray to the Virgin asking for help. It seems that his prayers were heard and a great light appeared causing the devil to escape, leaving behind a large stone pointing towards the sky.

The legend says that La Moreneta was found in the 9th century by shepherds who came to it guided by a great light. They say that the Bishop of Manresa, ordered to be transported to his city, but during this transport (and here comes the legend) the figure became heavier as he moved away from the cave (it seemed that he wanted to stay and, finally, what got).
It is said that it was Saint Luke who sculpted the wood carving of the Virgin of Montserrat, in the image of the mother of Jesus. San Pedro would be in charge of bringing her to Rome, but in her transfer she was hidden in the cave to prevent the Muslims from stealing it.